About Us

Santo Domingo Urban Adventures is a team of people who are passionate about their city, and who are happy to share the things they love most about where they live and work. We want to share authentic and unique experiences for anyone who wants to get a real feel for Santo Domingo, through the eyes of a local.

We want you to live our lifestyle, feel our music, experiment with our rhythms, enjoy our rich gastronomic culture, and have fun in the cityscapes with our friendly people and adventures. On our tours, we look for a balance in nature and culture with a social approach with local communities, to give you real and unique experiences.

Our team have developed a series of creative and alternative Tours in Santo Domingo just for you, the traveller who wants to get the real pulse of Santo Domingo in a green and sustainable way.

We are very proud of being part of the Urban Adventures network, and we share and promote our destination with their core values of solidarity and sustainability. Our Santo Domingo ToursĀ are real-life experiences developed with a strong commitment to preserving the local environment, and safeguarding the local culture and traditions we deeply respect.